Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet are among the best opera and ballet companies in the world. Something the Netherlands can be proud of. A large part of the international success of Dutch National Opera & Ballet is provided by our own singers and dancers: the Choir of Dutch National Opera and the dancers of Dutch National Ballet. Night after night they deliver top performances on the stage of our theatre.

Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Kim Krijnen

Why we need more donors

Dutch National Opera & Ballet is more than just a theatre. Almost everything that can be seen on stage is made in-house in our own workshops. We also organize talent programs for young singers and dancers, and education and participation projects. Dutch National Opera & Ballet is there for everyone, from amateur to world star, from layman to connoisseur, for now, and for generations to come. For a lifetime. Our donors help to make this possible.


How can you donate?

Donors themselves choose what benefits their donation and give to the art form to which they feel connected, or to the house as a whole and thus both companies. You determine which purpose and which form of donation best suits your budget and wishes.

What we do with your donation

  • Create new sets and costumes for our productions
  • Train young singers, dancers and creatorswith our talent programs
  • Maintenance and renovation of our theatre
Dutch National Ballet

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Frequently asked questions

Does Dutch National Opera & Ballet have ANBI status?

Yes, Dutch National Opera & Ballet does have an ANBI status which means it is an institution that aims at a public benefit. 

Where does my donation end up?
How does periodic donation work?

A periodic donation means that you record a donation for a specific period, in which case you give an annual amount to Dutch National Opera, Dutch National Ballet or both.

Do I receive a tax benefit with my donation to Dutch National Opera & Ballet?

Register your donation for 5 years
When you record a periodic gift for at least five years with a written agreement, you can deduct this gift for 100-125% for income tax purposes.

For example: with an annual donation of € 1,000, your net cost is €350 if you pay 52% income tax.

To which account number can I transfer a donation?

Dutch National Opera & Ballet Fund Foundation
Account number   NL20 ABNA 0540179523

Make a donation yourself

Dutch National Opera & Ballet Fund Foundation

Account number:   NL20 ABNA 0540179523