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15 November 2022

Great news! The next €1,000 donated to the crowdfunding of The Shell Trial will be doubled by Fedora's corporate partner, Mangopay! This means that every donation will be doubled from now on. For example, every donation of €30 will become €60, until €1000 is donated!

The Shell Trial
The opera The Shell Trial, produced by Dutch National Opera, has been nominated for the Fedora Opera Prize: an international award supporting cutting-edge artistic projects that promote international collaboration, creativity, social integration and intercultural dialogue, as well as digital innovation on and beyond the stage. This opera will premiere at Dutch National Opera’s Opera Forward Festival in 2024. The Shell Trial is based on the theater production De zaak Shell (2020) by Rebekka de Wit and Anoek Nuyens. The Shell Trial is a new opera that delves into the context of a game-changing court case in which the oil company gian, Shell, was confronted with its legal responsibility for climate change.

New composition by Ellen Reid
In collaboration with Het Geluid Maastricht (Gable Roelofsen and Romy Roelofsen), we hope The Shell Trial will spark conversation about the climate crisis. A new composition is being created especially for this production by American composer Ellen Reid, on a libretto by Roxie Perkins. Conductor and theatre maker Manoj Kamps will co-create and conduct the piece, starring American soprano Julia Bullock, who is also co-creating the production.

Sustainable creation
We strive to produce The Shell Trial as sustainably as possible. During the creation process, we are constantly aware of our carbon footprint. We actively seek opportunities for sustainable creation and will challenge ourselves to make sets and costumes from existing and recycled materials as much as possible. Your donation helps to achieve our goals.

Help boost our campaign and reach our goal!

  • €10: Thanks! You will receive a personal thank you email from the artistic team of The Shell Trial.

  • €30: Wow! With this donation you will receive a handwritten card from the artistic team of The Shell Trial.

  • €50: Great! With a donation of €50 you will receive a jar of honey from the bee colony on the roof of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. By sponsoring this bee colony, we aim to contribute to the diversity of nature.

  • €80: Cheers! With your donation of €80 you will receive an exclusive Dutch National Opera & Ballet Dopper water bottle, with which you can make a sustainable statement!

  • €100: Great! With a donation from €100, Dutch National Opera will plant 1 tree through Trees for All.

  • €1000: Amazing! If you donate €1000, you will receive two tickets for the world premiere of The Shell Trial, including drinks afterwards.