Giuseppe Mengoli

Giuseppe Mengoli junior assistant-director DNO & NedPho

16 April 2021

Dutch National Opera and The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra are delighted to announce the appointment of junior assistant-conductor Giuseppe Mengoli. Mengoli will assist Lorenzo Viotti, who is the new 2021-2022 chef-conductor at DNO, with all his productions. ‘It is a big honour to be part of both institutions. I feel incredibly welcomed by Lorenzo Viotti; I could not have wished for a better learning environment.’ Mengoli said about his appointment.

Mengoli was selected from 319 applicants from all over Europe, from whom, after a strict selection, 11 auditioned in the NedPhO-Koepel, the home base of the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Dutch Chamber Orchestra in Amsterdam East. The candidates rehearsed with both The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and singers from Dutch National Opera Studio.

Future chef-conductor Lorenzo Viotti is tremendously thrilled with the appointment: ‘During the auditions Giuseppe was hugely skilled in working with the orchestra and singers. I think it is the perfect time for him to be part of such important organisations and learn as much as possible for his competency. Giuseppe is very sharp, an emotional person and has incredible experience as a musician. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with him so he can grow from this journey.

Junior assistant-conductor

In 2015 a long cherished wish from The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra|the Dutch Chamber Orchestra was fulfilled with the creation of the position of assistant-conductor. This will be the first time the assistant-conductor is also working for Dutch National Opera. The assistant-conductor will be attending every repetition and concert conducted by the chief-conductor. In addition, the assistant-conductor will supervise smaller projects. The position is for one year with the possibility of extension for another year. Giuseppe Mengoli’ succeeds Nil Venditti, who assisted Marc Albrecht in his last year as chief-conductor of The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

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