10-13 Apr 2024


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

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Hup Herman!

Read-aloud opera based on the book by Yvonne Jagtenberg (2+)

Herman the pot-bellied pig doesn’t like competitions. He thinks they’re a hassle. But the chickens cackle loudly every morning about who is the first, the best or the fastest. One day, Herman has had enough. Now he’ll show them who is the fastest. All the animals cheer him on. But does it really matter whether you win or lose?

Photo: Michiel Spijkers

Read-aloud opera based on the book by Yvonne Jagtenberg (2+)

Opera can be grandiose and spectacular but it can also be modest and intimate. One picture book, two actors and a few instruments – these are the ingredients for this read-aloud opera for the littlest ones.


For and with children

Actor Harpert Michielsen and musician Joost Brouwer play and sing the story of Herman for and with the children in the audience. It is a story, put to music, of the joys of writhing in the mud, of the urge to be the best, and of the discovery that it’s OK to be happy as you are. A smallscale production that carries big messages.

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How a pot-bellied pig can still be a hero

Performance information

Text and illustrations  Yvonne Jagtenberg

Concept, music and performance  Harpert Michielsen en Joost Brouwer

Dramaturgy  Wout van Tongeren
Stage direction advice  Eric Robillard

School performances
A number of performances will be given especially for schools. Look here for more information.

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General ticket sales start on 24 August 2023 at 12.00 midday.

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