1 October


Tour, Various theatres

Running time

40 minutes




Exciting music theatre for the little ones (2+)

How do butterflies in your stomach sound? And what happens when they slowly move up your throat and out of your mouth, flutter around and then, passing through the violin, creep into the marimba? This season, Kriebel, the acclaimed show for pre-schoolers, returns to stages in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Exciting music theatre for the little ones (2+)

Join a violin-playing singer, a dancing percussionist and a singing dancer in a playful cross between dance, music and voice. Kriebel is an exciting music theatre performance for young children, about the dynamic, sparkling and colourful world of sound.

Kriebel is a collaboration between Dutch National Opera and Oorkaan, a company that has been creating staged concerts for young audiences for two decades. Composer Leonard Evers has also written the youth opera Goud! which plays in our theatre this season as well.

Kriebel will be on tour this season throughout the Netherlands and in Europe.


Winner YAMaward

In 2020, Kriebel won the Young Audiences Music Award (YAMaward) in the category ‘Best Small Ensemble’. From the jury report:

The artists are so skillful in all areas, movements, navigating the stage and communicating. Playing their instruments and singing. (…) To make art for children from 2 till 5 years and still make it interesting for all ages, also parents, is extremely difficult, but in this production they have nailed it.

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Performance information

Stage direction  Caecilia Thunnissen 
Choreography  Milena Sidorova
Set design  Tessa Verbei 
Costumes  Merel van Marken Lichtenbelt
Lighting design  Tiedo Wilschut
Dramaturgy  Erin Coppens 

Voice and violin  Tiemo Wang 
Percussion and dance  Vitaly Medvedev 
Dance and voice  Milang Lie Meeuw Lew

Coproduction with  Oorkaan and Philharmonie Luxembourg 


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Rave reviews
In the media
20 October

But then, Tiemo Wang takes out his violin and starts playing. At once, everyone is enchanted. In the thirty minutes that followed, people laughed, looked in amazement at the stylised movements and most of all, listened.

22 October

The children's audience, as well as their elders, watched breathlessly.

20 October

It's a good development that The Dutch National Opera is not just adding education on the side as before, but with performances like this one and later this season (...) they are opening their doors wide. Even for crying toddlers.

22 October

For the children, the best moment came after the applause: they were allowed to express their own emotions on a number of instruments with sticks. Real kriebel.

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