1 Apr-6 Jun 2022


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal | Tour

Running time

45 minutes


Vanaf €10,00


Musical fairy tale for everyone from the age of 4

A percussionist and a singer perform Grimm’s fairytale about the magical fish that makes all your wishes come true. Goud! is an effervescent piece of music theatre about wanting a lot, getting everything and still not having enough.

Musical fairy tale for everyone from the age of 4

Jacob lives with his father and mother by the sea in a hollow under an old tree. One day, he catches an extraordinary fish. It looks at him with little black eyes and begs: ‘Throw me back and let me live and I’ll grant your every wish!’

Jacob’s parents know what to ask for. A warm blanket for cold nights. A real bed. A home. They get all they wish for but are still unhappy. Jacob keeps being thrown back into the sea with an ever increasing number of wishes. But could it be that the fish looks a little weaker each time? And why is the sea more and more agitated each time?

Composer Leonard Evers and librettist Flora Verbrugge wrote Goud! in 2012 for Theater Sonnevanck. The family opera became an international hit: various opera houses in Europe added the work to their repertoire. One of Sophie de Lint’s first wishes when she became Dutch National Opera’s director was to produce Goud!. The opera's premiere was repeatedly postponed due to the corona pandemic, and eventually it premiered online last season. In April 2022, the show will be performed live in our theatre.

For Dutch National Opera, Leonard Evers has also written the award-winning opera for preschoolers Kriebel which goes on tour this year.

Performance information

Libretto  Flora Verbrugge

Direction  Kenza Koutchoukali
Set design  Amber Vandenhoeck
Costumes  Leo van den Boorn
Lighting design  Cor van den Brink
Dramaturgy  Wout van Tongeren

Performers  Vera Fiselier and Nienke Nasserian (alternating)
Percussion  Jennifer Heins and Laura Trompetter (alternating)

Coproduction with Opera Zuid

School performances
Dutch National Opera & Ballet will be holding several private performances especially for schools. Click here for more information about these school performances.

Sung in Dutch

Free online programme booklet

Click on the link below and receive the free online programme booklet before the premiere. This booklet is packed full of beautiful images and contains everything you need to know about the music and cast!

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In addition to the performances in the Boekmanzaal, Goud! can be seen in various theatres in the country between 12 May and 6 June.

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With its performances of Goud! in April, Dutch National Opera & Ballet is joining in the national Kindermuziekweek (1 - 10 April 2022). During this period, Dutch National Opera will be performing the opera Hup Herman! (2+), based on the picture book of the same name by Yvonne Jagtenberg, and the ballet Full Moon can be seen online for free during the entire Kindermuziekweek.

Rave reviews
In the media
1 October

A small, precious piece of music theater. With an arrangement of mezzo-soprano and percussion, it transports you to the world of fantasy.

11 February

The one-hour piece is an absolute recommendation for anyone who initially wants to approach the world of musical theater with caution and who prefers fairytale material with a socially critical foundation.

17 April

An appealing, expressive fairytale adaptation.

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