29 March 2024


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Studio Boekman

Running time

1:00, no interval


From € 15

NextSteps visual

Four young choreographers connect hip hop and ballet

Four young choreographers, one question: what is created when ballet and hip-hop enter into dialogue? No six-step vs. pas de chat. NextSteps goes beyond stereotypes and brings together dancers and disciplines of the highest level. This happens right before your eyes—an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Next Steps features four dynamic pieces in which the Junior Company’s classically trained dancers and the energetic performers of ISH Dance Collective create a bold combination of hip hop and ballet. Previously, they did so in successful performances such as Dorian and Grimm, directed by Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris. The floor is theirs; what will emerge when they are granted creative freedom?

Two dancers from each company will be featured as choreographers, collaborating with (dancers from) both disciplines. The end result consists of four short pieces. Submitted with the same brief, but each with a unique outcome, which these amazing young creators are delighted to share with you. And the next step? You can take that after the final performance at 21:00 at the afterparty. With none other than principal dancer (and the leading role from Dorian) Giorgi Potskhishvili as DJ!


Death with Interruptions
Choreography  Polina Loshchylina (JC)
Music  TBD
Costumes  Oliver Haller and Eddie Grundy
Dancers  Sangwon Park – Oscar Starink

Choreography  Alexander Álvarez (JC)
Music  TBD
Costumes  Oliver Haller and Eddie Grundy
Dancers  Bo-Ann Zehl, Noor Jayani, Robin Park, Vincent Fell

Choreography  Donna Chittick (ISH)
Music  TBD
Costumes  Oliver Haller and Eddie Grundy
Dancers  Ana Luísa Negrão, Francesco Venturi, Hà Nhi Trân, Poppi Eccleston, Stasy Terehhova

Choreography  Lars de Vos (ISH)
Music  Jurre Hofman
Costumes  Oliver Haller and Eddie Grundy
Dancers  Herrold Anakotta, Soshi Suzuki

Lighting design  Maarten Heijdra