Conor Walmsley
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Conor Walmsley


Conor Walmsley (East Yorkshire, England) took classes in music theatre from the age of twelve. He soon developed a preference for ballet and started his ballet training at the LWHS School of Dance in Hull, England, when he was fourteen. Two years later, he switched to the English National Ballet School, and the following year to the Dutch National Ballet Academy, in Amsterdam. In 2017, he was accepted for the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company. Two years later, he moved up to the main company, in the rank of élève, joining the corps de ballet in 2020 and being promoted to coryphée in 2022.


Place of Birth: 
East Yorkshire, England

With Dutch National Ballet since: 

Career with Dutch National Ballet: 
Coryphée (2022), Corps de Ballet (2020), Élève (2019), Junior Company (2017)

Conor first started with musical theatre at age 12. Then soon decided he wanted to start ballet and began in his local city of Hull at 14 at the LWHS School of dance. Then at age 16 he began training at the English National Ballet School for one year - then moved to Amsterdam/Dutch National Ballet Academy where he had the chance to perform leading roles in repertoire by Neumeier, Dawson and Rudi van Dantzig. Conor trained here for two years. In January 2017 he joined the Junior Company to tour in part of the programme Juniors go Dutch.