Junior Company

The Junior Company was established in 2013 to be a stepping stone for young dancers to make the leap from the Dutch National Ballet Academy to The Dutch National Ballet, Holland’s largest ballet company.


2nd year: Philippe Magdelijns, Emma Mardegan, Sebia Plantefève, Claire Tjoe-Fat.
1st year: Katherine Bamford, Mila Caviglia, Lauren Hunter, Christopher Mitchell, Isaac Mueller, Catarina Pires, Giorgi Potskhishvili, Guillermo Torrijos, Koyo Yamamoto.

With the Junior Company, Dutch National Ballet has created the perfect environment for young potentials to gain the experience they need to grow into successful dancers. The dancers are given a daily programme that mirrors that of the main company. The Junior Company strives to produce at least one touring programme per year, consisting of pas de deux and extracts from the (neo)classical repertoire together with new creations, choreographed for The Junior Company by renowned choreographers. The dancers will also be called upon to take the stage at larger productions of Dutch National Ballet.

Ernst Meisner is artistic coordinator of The Junior Company, he was grand sujet in the company until 2012-2013. 


Unboxing talent

ING is the proud main sponsor of the Junior Company.

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