Five reasons to look forward to ... Dorian

21 April 2023

1. A mix of hip-hop and ballet

Dorian is a joint production by Dutch National Ballet, its Junior Company and ISH Dance Collective. Choreographers Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris have teamed up to create a immersive mix of hip-hop and ballet that brings together dancers from different disciplines in an exciting performance.

2. The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian is an adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde’s 1891 novel about mankind’s infatuation with outer beauty and the desire for eternal youth. The novel is about a young man by the name of Dorian Gray and a portrait of him, painted by his friend Basil. Looking at the picture and realising just how beautiful he is, Dorian wishes that he could stay young and attractive forever while his portrait turns decrepit. As Dorian sinks into a life of crime and indulges his impulses, his body retains perfect youth while his portrait ages and records his every sin.

3. A thriller-like setting

While Meisner and Gerris follow the storyline of Wilde’s novel in their production, they have approached it as a thriller. The narrative takes place in an eclectic, contemporary setting, creating an atmosphere thick with suspense.

4. A unique staging

Both the set and the costumes for Dorian were designed by Dieuweke van Reij, an internationally acclaimed Dutch designer. Her designs were inspired by the underground club scene. This is not Van Reij’s first time working with Dutch National Opera & Ballet. She was the designer behind the amazing and colourful sets and costumes for Frida and for How ANANSI freed the stories of the world. Van Reij has also designed for English National Ballet, Joffrey Ballet Chicago, Ballet Nacional de Cuba and a number of opera companies.

5. A new musical score

Joey Roukens, one of today’s best-known young Dutch composers, will write a new, full-length score for Dorian. Over the past few years, he has composed works for several Dutch and international orchestras, including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. In the larger theatres, Roukens’ new composition will be performed live by Dutch National Ballet Orchestra.

  • Dorian is performed from 11 until 17 mei in Dutch National Opera & Ballet and then tours the Netherlands until 16 June