Campagnebeelden The Shell Trial & Il trittico
Photos: Marta Syrko

DNO&B x Trees for All

21 August 2023

We believe it is important to be sustainable when creating art so that future generations too can continue to enjoy the magic on our stage. The operas The Shell Trial and Il Trittico are the first two productions in a series that are being produced according to our Green Deal guideline. That minimises their environmental impact. To further offset the unavoidable emissions resulting from these productions, Dutch National Opera & Ballet is partnering with Trees For All. And our audiences can contribute too.  

Our Green Deal challenges the creative teams to come up with designs that incorporate ‘green’ materials and make optimum use of them. The Green Deal also covers aspects such as the reuse of sets and costumes and ways to reduce the number of business trips. But even all these efforts are not enough to eliminate emissions entirely. 


Forest sustainability projects

Therefore to offset the unavoidable emissions from our ‘Green Deal operas’ The Shell Trial and Il Trittico, Dutch National Opera & Ballet is partnering with Trees for All, a charity recognised by the Netherlands Fundraising Regulator. Trees For All plants trees in the Netherlands and abroad for a better climate, more biodiversity and a healthier living environment.

People buying tickets for The Shell Trial or Il Trittico will get an opportunity to make an extra contribution to two forest sustainability projects: new loam-soil woodland in the Groene Woud nature area in Brabant, the Netherlands, and the restoration of the tropical rainforest and habitat of the orang-utan in Borneo. 


You too can contribute

You too can contribute to these forest sustainability projects. When you buy tickets online for The Shell Trial or Il Trittico, you will see the option during the payment process to add an extra amount. Your contribution goes directly to Trees For All. 


Our goal

We want our production of The Shell Trial to be as sustainable as possible. This partnership with Trees For All lets us explore how we can involve our audiences in our sustainability mission.