Annette Stiller
Photo: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Annette Stiller

Head of Wigs and Make-up department

1.    How and when did you start working at Dutch National Opera & Ballet (description schooling / career)?
I have been working at DNO&B for almost thirteen years and started as a wigs and make-up artist. Before that, I really enjoyed working at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus for five years, but felt more at home in the musical theater world. Moreover, DNO&B gave me the opportunity to develop myself and now I’m the head of the Wigs and Make-up department for three years.

2.    What makes your craft / job so special within DNO&B and what makes it so special to yourself?
Something about working at DNO&B that particularly appeals to me is that we are a “stagione” company, which means that we always collaborate with new artistic teams and singers. Also, the variety between ballet and opera makes working here extremely enjoyable for me. The involvement is another charming aspect of our craft, starting from the costume concept and ending with the performance on stage.

In the workshop, we work with both traditional and new techniques. Make-up artists are responsible for the execution of the make-up concept, but also for creating an environment in which the flawless preparation of the singer or dancer on the day of performance can be ensured. The make-up room is really a safe and quiet place for dancers and singers. Make-up artists make sure that the performers can prepare and immerse themselves in their roles, so that they perform at the highest possible level.

3.    What is your favorite production seen from your craft’s / job’s perspective? Do you have any special memories of that production?
It’s hard to choose one, because I have experienced so many wonderful but totally different productions over the past few years, each of them with their own challenges. My favourite opera production so far is Pique Dame, which was a very large production that required a lot of preparation. From an artisanal, artistic and logistic perspective this production was a huge and diverse project. And the performance itself was a treat for every make-up artist.      

My favorite ballet production is Cinderella. This was my first production for Dutch National Ballet, during which I worked as a first make-up artist and had the opportunity to work with the designer: Julian Crouch. All of the memories of this intense production, with many changes and countless colorful and traditionally coiffed wigs, will stay with me forever!

Last update: 30-11-2022.