10 October


Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Foyer

Running time

1:00 per time slot



Reclaiming our time

Reclaiming Our Time

This Black Achievement Month, Dutch National Opera presents the performance Reclaiming Our Time in collaboration with pianist Djuwa Mroivili. In this performance, various young makers from the African diaspora come together, from spoken word artists to classically trained soloists and from poets to DJs.

Reclaiming Our Time

The stories on stage will be told not only in the form of various performances, but also in the form of the braiding the hair – an everyday practice and art form that has been preserved for centuries in the African diaspora. To reclaim the time that artists of colour have never had in the past, the length of the performance is determined by the time it takes to braid the hair.


Black Achievement Month

During the month of October, the Black Achievement Month Foundation will present the special contributions of people with African roots to the world and to Dutch society in particular. For a significant number of them, this country is an important focal point in their development.

Black Achievement Month

With fair success, people with African heritage have rooted themselves here and can be found in a range of disciplines in society. Among them are scientists, doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, theatre makers, athletes and entrepreneurs. All these talents and their achievements deserve to be brought to the attention of the widest and most diverse audience possible.

This year, Black Achievement Month is taking place for the sixth time. It is a recognition of the many qualities that can be found in the black community. The wealth of talent and expertise justifies this initiative and is also an ode to diversity and new citizenship. It also contributes to a balanced image of people with African roots. This is an image that is too often determined by what was said and written about persons of African descent in slavery and colonial times.

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