General Visitor Conditions and House rules

We kindly ask that visitors take note of Dutch National Opera & Ballet’s House Rules and General Conditions for Visitors.

Your ticket and your time during the Event in the Theatre of the National Opera & Ballet are subject to the General Visitor Conditions of the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert Halls (VSCD) and the specific House Rules of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Below you can read about the rights and obligations of Dutch National Opera & Ballet and of you, as a Visitor to our Theatre.

You can read the Visitor Conditions here.
Our House Rules can be found below. A printable version can be found here.

House Rules of Dutch National Opera & Ballet

The theatre can be hectic and crowded. Even under challenging circumstances, whether due to pressure, disappointment or adversity, our aim is to always exhibit appropriate behaviour. We support each other when needed and respect each other's privacy and personal bounda-ries. We value our visitors and our colleagues. We maintain high standards for our work and continuously seek ways to improve ourselves, the organisation, our art forms and the experience for our visitors.

We ask visitors to our theatre to keep the afore mentioned principle in mind, which is applicable to all events at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Consequently, we have established the following House Rules for visitors to Dutch National Opera & Ballet (DNO&B).


1.1 Definitions

  • 1.1. Our House Rules use the same terms as in the Visitor Conditions. If you want to review these terms, we refer you to Article 1.2. of the Visitor Conditions.
  • 1.2. In addition to the aforementioned terms:
  • a. Visitor Conditions: the ATCD Visitor Conditions.
  • b. Theatre: the physical building of the stage, which also includes any part of the (public) road adjacent to the building or another place to which the DNO&B has any business right. Also referred to as “Building”.
  • c. DNO&B: the Dutch National Opera & Ballet Foundation, also referred to as “Stage” and/or “We”. Visitor address: Amstel 3, 1011 PN Amsterdam.
  • d. Performance: any performance, show or event taking place in the Theatre or organised via a digital livestream by DNO&B, also called “Event”.
  • e. You: the Visitor to one of our Performances.

2. Access to the Building and the Event

  • 2.1. Entrance open. The entrance to the DNO&B foyer typically opens one hour before the performance starts. Please check your confirmation email for the current opening hours of the theatre hall.
  • 2.2. Have a discount card ready. If you are using a ticket with a discount (CJP, City Pass, Culture Card, etc.), you must be able to identify yourself with the intended discount card. If you are using the My Muse & Me discount, an ID with a date of birth is required. Without a discount card, you are not entitled to the associated discount. In such a case, DNO&B can exchange your ticket, with an additional payment, for a ticket without a discount.
  • 2.3. Avoid disappointment; be on time. Our Performances start promptly. It is crucial to be in the theatre hall on time. Visitors arriving after the Performance has started risk not being admitted to the theatre hall. Once the performance begins, the doors to the hall will be closed, and entry will no longer be permitted so that already-seated Visitors can enjoy the performance undisturbed.
  • 2.4. Latecomers. Visitors arriving after the Performance has started and who cannot be admitted to the theatre hall may follow the performance via the TV monitor in the foyer. Depending on the crowd in the foyer, there may be a maximum number of Visitors. For performances with an intermission, you may take your seat in the hall during this intermission.

3. Cloakroom

  • 3.1. Cloakroom free and mandatory. In addition to article 4.6. of the Visitor Conditions, the following applies: for safety reasons, coats, bags and (hand) luggage are not permitted in the theatre hall. We kindly ask you to leave your coat, bag and (hand) luggage in the cloakroom. Bags smaller than 40 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm are allowed in the foyer and in the theatre hall. Bags larger than 40 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm are not permitted and must be left in the cloakroom. The use of the cloakroom is free for Visitors.
  • 3.2. Leave valuables at home. While DNO&B takes great care in offering the cloakroom facility, we emphasise that the use of the cloakroom is entirely at your own risk. DNO&B is not liable for the loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom (including their contents).

4. Smoking ban

  • The smoking ban, detailed in article 4.5. of the Visitor Conditions, also applies within a radius of fifteen meters around the Building and on the balconies.

5. Food and Drink

  • Consumption of self-brought food and beverages in the Building is not allowed. Opportunities to purchase food and beverages are available in the foyer, which must also be consumed there. Food and beverages are not allowed in the theatre hall and may not be taken outside.

6. Respectful behaviour

  • 6.1. At DNO&B, we warmly welcome our Visitors. We aim to create a safe, diverse and inclusive environment for both Visitors and colleagues, where everyone is treated equally and with mutual respect and trust. Discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, appearance, religion, political preference or belief is not tolerated. We expect the same respect and inclusivity from you.
  • 6.2. Swearing, discriminatory language, shouting, threats, intimidation and unwanted physical contact with other Visitors or our staff are strictly prohibited. Any conduct or remarks that, in the exclusive judgment of DNO&B, might disrupt peace, order and safety or inconvenience the performance or other Visitors are not allowed. This includes inappropriate or provocative attire.
  • 6.3. In addition to Article 4.1 of the Visitor Conditions, Visitors are strictly prohibited from displaying disruptive, irritating or any other form of inappropriate behaviour, as determined exclusively by DNO&B.

7. Damage

  • 7.1. Visitors are strictly prohibited from damaging property or causing harm to individuals, or behaving in any manner that could potentially result in damage or harm. Specifically, climbing onto the Stage, standing on chairs or throwing objects (including li-quids) is not allowed. Any damage incurred will be charged to the responsible party.
  • 7.2. Any witnessed criminal activities, such as theft, will be reported to the police. Our staff is authorised to detain and hand over the offender to the police in such situations.

8. Directions from DNO&B

  • 8.1. Visitors must adhere to directions and instructions given by identifiable DNO&B employees and security personnel.
  • 8.2. When requested by DNO&B staff, Visitors are obliged to present their ticket or provide identification within the Building.

9. Rights of DNO&B

  • 9.1. In the event of any violations of the Visitor Conditions and/or our House Rules, the Visitor is in direct violation, with no further notice required. DNO&B reserves the right to terminate the purchase of the admission ticket immediately and without legal intervention, such as by invalidating the admission ticket. An invalidated ticket will not grant further access to the Event in question. DNO&B may also bar the Visitor in question from accessing the Building and future Events by invalidating other admission tickets if deemed necessary.
  • 9.2. DNO&B also reserves the right to deny entry or remove:
  • a. any Visitor who has previously breached the Visitor Conditions and/or House Rules during their visits to an Event;
  • b. any Visitor who, in DNO&B’s opinion, is likely to violate the Visitor Conditions and/or House Rules again;
  • c. any Visitor who, based on the reasonable judgement of DNO&B, has displayed or is displaying inappropriate behaviour. This can be for a specified or indefinite duration, without providing any explicit reasons.
  • 9.3. DNO&B reserves the right to deny the Visitor access, now or in the future, to the Building and Event(s) and, if necessary, to have the Visitor removed if DNO&B deems this reasonably necessary to maintain peace, order and safety during an Event.
  • 9.4. In a situation as referred to in 9.1, 9.2, and/or 9.3, the Visitor has no right to a refund of the amount (including service fees) they paid for the admission ticket, nor the right to any additional compensation.
  • 9.5. DNO&B is entitled to unilaterally amend these House Rules. In that case, DNO&B will inform the Visitor of the changes in a timely manner. If the Visitor is a natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business, and the amendment results in the Visitor experiencing a service that substantially deviates from the original service, the Visitor has the authority to terminate the agreement as of the date the amended House Rules come into effect.

If you have any questions regarding the Visitor Conditions or our House Rules, please contact our customer service at or 020-6255455. If you wish to report disturbances or misconduct by others, you can approach one of our colleagues in the Theatre.