OFF LABS Performing Arts

Five short opera productions created by groups of student composers, directors, dramaturgs, scenographers, composers and production managers. As part of the LABS Performing Arts programme, these arts and culture students have set to work with the art form in their own unique way.



The love between two young men is stronger than death – but is it stronger than fear?

The relationship between two young lovers, Sonus and Avir, grows beyond death. They converse vividly but Sonus’ fear of being judged for it by society runs deep. AER combines an interactive electronic music installation on stage with a composition of floating rhythms and modal harmonies, interrupted by dissonance.

Stage director  Harmen van Liemt
Composer  Sophia Bardoutsou
Dramaturges  Lea Hegemann & Noa Appelman
Production  Maud Bruggeman & Jessy Martens
Countertenor  Sean Haid
Cello  Irene Cancer-Navarro
Flute  Nicola Stevenson
Horn  Janire de Paz Rivas
Violin  Anastasia Koukioglou
Clarinet  Mathilde Lettinga
Percussion  Davide Montagnoli
Chorus  Mantas Jarasunas, Hanna Aïlane, Mathilda Herbeaut, Edurne Ruiz Garcia, Puck van Eijk & Ambro Golachowski



Experiencing the most important interview of one's life.

A man is being dropped into an unfamiliar space, facing a strange character. In this liminal maze he finds himself in, he is suddenly participating in the most important interview of his life.  Zoetrope is a contemporary opera about trying to move on, figuring out what's important, and finding reconciliation with one’s decisions.

Stage director  Caroline Geiser
Composer  George Demetriou
Dramaturges  Nona Wallerbosch & Juliette Georges
Production  Fleur van der Lugt & Irine Kleiweg
Actore  Eli Thorne, Alexandre Dondelot, Agat Sharma & Naomi Collier Broms
Percussion  João Guerra
Violin  Camille Rabot
Viola  Alkistis Misouli
Cello  Yiannis Constantinou


Planet Obsolescence

Ursula travels through different sociotopes in search of a place where she belongs, before being turned into a bowling ball. 

In an alternative universe where Ursula resides, it is governmentally issued that you have to find a place to belong to. If you don't manage to do this before the age of 30, you will face the fate of obsolescence: you get turned into an inanimate object. Ursula tries to satisfy her inner desire for a place to belong, be seen, and make meaningful connections. Can she fathom and follow the rules of the surreal games so she can win the ultimate game of belonging or will she feel like another pawn on the planet on which her desires and qualities are quickly becoming obsolete?

Stage director  Ludwig Sander
Composer  Kavid Do
Dramaturges  Marija Androiç  & Charlotte van Nee
Production  Lieve de Boer & Danique Schörnstadt 
Singers  Cyprien Crabbé, Ieva Gorda & Madeline Saputra
Double bass  Pietro Elia Barcellona
Mime  Clotilde Cappelletti & Winter Wieringa



In a dystopian world where collectives are essential for survival, how do we find ourselves in a landscape where everything looks and feels the same?

Stage director  Julija Filipovic
Composer  Alice Yeung
Dramaturges  Alessandra Tom & Biba Vergouwe
Production  Megan Rietvelt
Conductor  Eric So
Clarinet  Giuseppe Sapienza
Oboe  Doriana Gorbuleac
Violin  Melody Lau
Cello  Katia Milano
Singers  Viola Chong, Yulietta Quevedo, Carolina Andrade, Julius Lavallée, Oscar Sajous & Bruna Pereira
Dancers  Bo Nijssen, May van Leeuwen, Layla Miño & Pepe Rollema


Love You Forever and Ever and Ever

An ecstatic worship of Dutch National Opera, disguised as a lament about climate change.

Drip drip drip. A cataclysmic storm of sound, music and movement is building. An individual is overwhelmed by this intensity and struggles to stand her ground, held back by an internal monologue trying to convince her that this feeling of darkness may just last forever. Finally, as the atmospheric pressure builds, she searches for the light to break and a voice to call her own.

The ensemble of CLUSTER examines the way we wade through darkness in search of light during times of loneliness. Finally, as the downpour peaks, we ask: who are we and where do we belong?

Stage director  Kaya Korabiowska-Dean
Composer  Isaac Barzso
Dramaturges  Meike Ducrot
Production  Sascha de Jong & Mats van der Hulst
Librettist  Silver Drewes
Singers  Vanessa Guinadi, Rosalyn Stürzer & Gunda Leine
Guitar  Hugo Ariëns
Saxophone  Chang-Han Huang
Percussion  Robert Nettleship
Violin  Arie van de Ven
Dancer  Tanya Moiseeva


Scenography and design

Scenographers  Myckelle van Weverwijk & Selina Losa González
Licht  Jurre Pöpping
Productie  Lucy Walvisch
Dramaturgen  Annika Hilger & Marieke van Schaik



Simone Bakker
Marinka van der Voort
Pauline van der Meer
Sophie Blanchard
Lilli Turner
Diana van Haren
Zarina Batyrbekova
Mathilde Groothedde

The costumes were made by students of the Master Tailor Institute.