FAQs Audition Dutch National Opera Studio

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Dutch National Opera Studio programme and the audition process.

Applying for the Dutch National Opera Studio Programme

What is the structure of the Programme?

Studio Members are employed on a full-time contract up to two years. Studio Members receive a basic salary while training and performing, plus an amount for each performance they sing or cover. N/As are granted for concerts and recitals only when compatible with the Programme commitments, but not for full productions elsewhere.

Who can apply for the Programme?

Applications for the Programme are accepted from all countries and all nationalities.
There is age limit for applicants: 32 years old maximum for both men and women.
The panel will consider the stage artists have reached in their careers and where they will be in terms of career development potential after two years on the Programme.

Do applicants need permission to work in the NL to apply for the Programme?

There is no obligation to have permission to work in the NL in advance in order to apply for the Programme. If non-EEA applicants are offered a place on the Programme, the Dutch National Opera will apply for a “residence permit” which it will allow non-EEA studio members to live and work in NL.

Where to apply?

You can apply via the Webform here for Singers and here (closed) for Repetiteurs.

For your information, we have also published this audition on "YAP Tracker" Website.
We recommend you to use our webform, but here below we provide you with some extra info regarding "YAP Tracker", in case needed. You don't need to subscribe to YAP Tracker portal in order to apply. All applicants have to log in with a user ID and password to upload their materials and submit applications, but free applicant-only accounts are available at www.yaptracker.com/register-applicant. YAP Tracker accounts cannot be shared. The system prevents duplicate submissions on any one account.
Once applicants have registered, they should log in and carefully read the application requirements. They should then upload all the required submission materials, complete all the remaining required fields and submit the form with payment. Take great care to enter the required information in the correct fields, especially when entering contact details and completing monitoring forms. If you have problems uploading any part of the application or have other technical issues with YAP Tracker, you should contact the YAP Tracker help team on help@yaptracker.com. The Dutch National Opera Studio is not able to help with technical questions regarding "YAP Tracker".

What material is needed to apply?

A completed application through our form online requires an updated CV, portrait picture, repertoire list and 3 youtube links, not older than 3 months. One Mozart aria is mandatory, the others can be in different styles and languages.

We only accept Youtube links for the audio visual material. An incomplete application won’t be reviewed.

What does it cost to apply?

There is no application fee for the Programme.


Where are auditions held?

For singers, the audition is held on the main stage; for Repetiteurs, the audition is held in one of our Studio at Dutch National Opera & Ballet, in Amsterdam.

When are auditions held?

The date for the Auditions for Singers to join the Programme season 2022/2023 are in mid-December 2021 (exact date to be announced).  
The audition for repetiteurs are not open yet.

Who will be in the audition?

The audition panel will comprise Rosemary Joshua (Artistic director of the Dutch National Opera Studio) and members of the Music staff.

Can applicants bring a pianist, agent, relative or friend?

All auditions are closed and applicants may not bring friends, relatives, singing teachers, agents or their own pianist to the audition. The panel speak French, German, Spanish as well as English.

What repertory can be presented for the audition?

Singers need to present 3 opera arias of different styles; one Mozart aria is mandatory, the others can be in different styles and languages.

What language can the art song be in?

You can sing in any languages. (German lied, English/American art song, French Melody…)
Please note that one aria must be Mozart.

Who will accompany the audition?

One of our main Repetiteurs of Dutch National Opera will accompany all auditions.
Applicants may not bring their own pianist.

What do applicants need to bring for the audition?

Applicants should bring music of all their offered repertory for themselves and for the pianist.
Once the repertoire has been decided and sent to us, it can’t be changed.

What audition wear is appropriate?

The audition is held on the main stage, singers are free to dress comfortably. (Concert dress is not required). The same is valid for Repetiteur.

How do applicants from non EEA countries obtain a visa to attend the audition session?

Visa applications for attending auditions are not handled by Dutch National Opera.
In case of need, we can provide with a “Letter of Invitation” for those applicants who are invited to audition and need a visa. Please ask for it in time via operastudio@operaballet.nl

Is financial assistance available towards attending the audition?

The Programme is unable to provide any financial assistance towards attending the auditions and does not refund travel or accommodation expenses for attending auditions.