Aus LICHT voted 'Opera of the Year 2019'

Aus LICHT voted 'Opera of the Year 2019'

31 December 2019

The three-day Stockhausen cycle aus LICHT, a production by Dutch National Opera, Holland Festival and the Koninklijk Conservatorium, has scored very well on the end-of-year lists of the press, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, Aus LICHT was declared 'Opera of the Year 2019' by visitors of the Dutch opera website Place de l'Opéra

The New Yorker listed Aus LICHT as one of the ten 'notable performances of 2019'. "Aus LICHT turned out to be the kind of inexplicable marvel that one waits half a lifetime to see. It induced shivers not just in its awesome moments (...) but also in its unexpectedly intimate passages, its glimpses of the composer's shattered childhood. Aus LICHT was one of the great theatrical events of the new century."

In NRC Handelsblad,  three of the five reviewers proclaim aus LICHT as the 'best in classical music 2019'. "The immense expectations were fully met: the three-day multi-music theatre work aus LICHT was the highlight of the Holland Festival - and of the year. (...) An unforgettable parallel universe in music theatre. (...) Excellent soloists, a fabulous location and a ditto mise-en-scène and sound direction made the production the absolute highlight of the year 2019".

Also, six of the fifteen opera connoisseurs of Dutch online opera magazine Place de l'Opera, voted for aus LICHT as the best opera production of 2019. From the shortlist of opera connoisseurs, the public chose aus LICHT as 'Opera of the Year 2019'.