Emmy for Dance or Die with Ahmed Joudeh

Dance or Die has been awarded with an Emmy! The documentary was awarded in the category  Arts Programming’ at the International Emmy Awards in New York.

Over de documentaire

Ahmed Joudeh (27) was discovered by Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam and is followed in the film for two years. Dutch National Ballet also has a share in the documentary. Dance or Die is the life motto of the Syrian dancer Ahmad Joudeh (27). It is tattooed on his neck. Dance is Ahmad's life, but it was made impossible for him in his war-torn hometown of Damascus. He seized the opportunity to flee Syria with both hands. He has been living in the Netherlands for a year and a half and dances in performances of Dutch National Ballet, among other things.

His story was picked up by the media worldwide and he performs at home and abroad, with greats like Sting and dancer Roberto Bolle. Yet he struggles with his new life. He misses his family, who are still in Syria. Moreover, the pressure to make it here is great. What price does Ahmad pay for his newly acquired freedom? Director Roozbeh Kaboly filmed Ahmad before New Year's Eve in 2016 and has followed him closely ever since. With Dance or Die he made a awe-inspiring documentary about resilience and the desire for autonomy.