Maarten van Hinte
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Maarten van Hinte

Maarten van Hinte is a Dutch-Surinamese actor, director, (theatre) writer and dramaturg. First, he studied Biology at the University of Amsterdam. Eventually, he started his career in the arts as Master of Ceremonies in the Amsterdam Hiphop Underground Scene.

In the beginning of the 80’s, he founded the goup NuClarity with guitarist Lucien Kembel, which was the first live hiphop band in the Netherlands. Concurrently, he joined theatre group DNA (De Nieuw Amsterdam), a multicultural theatre ensemble that was founded by Rufus Collins and Henk Tjon. Here, he started as an actor, only to develop himself as a translator and director. In 1992, he founded the theatre group Made in da Shade together with Majorie Boston and Lucien Kembel, which was considered was ‘urban theatre’ and focused on performances for and by new voices. In 2007, Made in da Shade fused with Cosmic Theatre to MC, which combined urban theatre, music and club culture. In this formation, Van Hinte started as writer, director and coach of a new generation of young artists, who dare to think differently and mirror the multivoiced character of the city. Now, MC has outgrown into the international, multidisciplinary urban production centre. RIGHTABOUTNOW INC.

Recently, Van Hinte directed the performances of Van slaaf tot meester and STATUS. For the latter, he also wrote the script. He also wrote the performances Woiski vs. Woiski and Tori. With the libretto of How Anansi freed the stories of the world, he made his debut as a librettist in 2021.

Update: November 2021