Hermann Markard
Photo: Jeanette Vondersaar

Hermann Markard

Lighting designer

Hermann Markard (1926-2021) was born in Nierstein, Germany, and studied drawing and painting at various art academies in Europe. He made his debut as a stage designer at the Juilliard Opera Theatre in New York, in 1960. In the twenty years that followed, he worked as a lighting, costume and set designer for various opera, dance and theatre companies.

During these years he also worked with Kurt Jooss and redesigned the lighting and the masks Jooss’ The Green Table. From 1980, Markard concentrated almost exclusively on painting, until his death in 2021. His work is exhibited mainly in Europe.

Hermann Markard was married to dancer Anna Markard-Jooss, Kurt Jooss’ Eldest daughter, who administered her father’s estate after his death in 1979.