Gift card

With the Dutch National Opera & Ballet gift card you can enjoy all the beautiful things Dutch National Opera & Ballet has to offer. Use your gift card for our performances, the purchase of a membership, ordering a drink at the bar or in our online and offline store. With the Dutch National Opera & Ballet gift card you can do anything.

Order a gift card

You can order the gift card in our shop. Please keep in mind that the gift card may take 3 to 5 business days to arrive.

Gift card

Good to know

  • Your gift card will show your total outstanding balance with Dutch National Opera & Ballet.
  • The gift card has unlimited validity, even with a balance.
  • You can use the gift card to purchase tickets for your visit to Dutch National Opera & Ballet. You can also redeem your credit balance for all Dutch National Opera & Ballet products, available in the theater or online.
  • At all times you can use the buttons below to request a (partial) donation or refund of your credit balance.
  • The six-digit security code of the gift card is located on the back next to the 19-digit number. This number is protected with a layer that can be scratched off.

How to use the gift card

  • Use your gift card for a subscription to Dutch National Opera & Ballet.
  • Enjoy a drink at the bar before, during the interval or after the performance.
  • Visit our shop in the theatre or webshop for various exclusive products.
  • Support our companies at any time through a donation or membership.
  • You can also give your card as a gift.

Terms and conditions

  • The gift card can be used for all performances/products within Dutch National Opera & Ballet.
  • The balance of the gift card can also be spent in parts.
  • The credit balance on the gift card is valid indefinitely.
  • The gift card is not personal. The credit balance can be redeemed by the holder of the card.
  • The gift card can be returned.
  • The remaining value can be refunded.
  • If you purchase a product using the gift card and cancel within the applicable terms, the value of the product will be refunded to your gift card or you will receive a new credit via an online gift card.
  • Any refunds will be exclusively to the person registered with Dutch National Opera & Ballet as the recipient of the gift.

Would you like to donate (part of) your credit directly?

By making a donation, you are supporting both art forms. Click on the button below for the donation form.

Gift card

Frequently asked questions

Can the credit be divided among multiple (co-)orderers?

It is possible to split the credit among multiple co-orderers. To do so, please contact

Suppose the credit turns out to be incorrect, can it be corrected?

If the credit received turns out to be incorrect, we can correct it. To do so, please contact

Can I still donate a portion or get a (partial) refund?

Yes, in the forms above you can indicate if you want to make a (partial) donation or receive a (partial) refund.

Can I use the card when paying at the cash register and by phone?

Yes, your card can be scanned at the checkout. You can also use your card when booking by phone.

Is the card personalized?

 The card is sent by name, but not personal. You can give the card as a gift or someone close to you can use it.

Can I put credit on the gift card?

A physical Dutch National Opera & Ballet gift card can be reloaded with new credit.

Can I use the gift card for programmes of Dutch National Opera & Ballet in other locations?

This is only possible if tickets are sold through our own sales system.

Is your question not listed here? Please contact us at We will answer your question as soon as possible.