Eddy van der Laan

ATELIER CLEMENT (Eddy van der Laan)

Set designer

Eddy van der Laan graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2005. As a graduated scenographer, Eddy then formed the idiosyncratic and highly acclaimed design duo Clement & Sanôu with Pepijn Rozing for 15 years. They caused a stir with their recognisable signature with international opera and ballet companies and museums, in which their shared love of visual poetry, musical theatre, architecture, complex changes and visual art come together. In 2012, they made their debut at De Nationale Opera with the world premiere of Robin de Raaff's Waiting for miss Monroe (directed by Lotte de Beer). This production and collaboration formed the springboard for their blossoming international career, which took them to theatres all over Europe. In 2020, the scenography duo decided to broaden their horizons separately and Van der Laan continued under the name Atelier Clement. Van der Laan has worked with directors such as Pierre Audi, Ted Brandsen, Ted Huffman, Michiel Dijkema, Johan Doesburg, Jim Lucassen, Robert Nemack, Marcel Sijm, Ira Kip and Teunkie van der Sluijs. As a scenographer, van der Laan is also a sought-after exhibition designer.

DNO productions: The New Prince, Hänsel und Gretel, Waiting for Miss Monroe, Caliban and Mata Hari