Lorenzo Viotti about Puccini's Tosca

14 July 2022
  • From 3 to 19 May 2024, Puccini's Il trittico - will be staged at Dutch National Opera. This trio of one-act operas is the final programme in the Puccini cycle with conductor Lorenzo Viotti and director Barrie Kosky.

Bloodcurdling opera noir. The life of temperamental singer Floria Tosca is one big jumble of love, lust and political intrigue. When her lover is imprisoned by the sadistic chief of police Scarpia, Tosca takes fate into her own hands with horrifying consequences. Chief conductor Lorenzo Viotti and director Barrie Kosky launch a three-year Puccini cycle with their take on this classic opera.

Lorenzo Viotti about Puccini's masterpiece Tosca