G-Star Raw & Dutch National Ballet

6 April 2021

Choreography with 3-meter wide denim tutu 

G-Star RAW and The Dutch National Ballet join forces for a unique collaboration in which the 'new reality', social distancing, is visualized in an artistic way. Inspired by the empty theaters, artists without a stage, and the dance of each individual to find their way in the new normal. The socially distanced society is reflected in a special choreography with an impressive 3-meter wide denim tutu as the centerpiece.

Safe Distance Ballet

g-star x hnb

G-Star RAW and the Dutch National Ballet combine the classic and modern worlds by creating a unique Raw Denim tutu with a diameter of 3 meters: the ultimate social distancing tool. This allows the dancers of the Dutch National Ballet to remain a safe 1.5 meters apart. The choreography captures the distance between people, created by the tutu, in a special way. The challenge is clear as the dancers try to find their way through the streets of Amsterdam to the stage, attracted by the music coming from the theater. Well known Dutch House/ Techno DJ & Producer Joris Voorn, composer Boy Bianchi, and the strings of the Dutch Ballet Orchestracreate the fusion music piece for this project.


Gwenda van Vliet – Chief Marketing Officer, G-Star:

“Restrictions offer new opportunities. In recent months, we have always searched for ways to interpret within the current reality in an unexpected, artistic and innovative way. We focus on what is possible rather than on the impossible. This creates collaborations and concepts that would otherwise not arise. We are proud of this beautiful story of timeless denim, dance, music and craftsmanship. Worlds that at first glance are far from one another merge into something new and relevant. That suits our DNA

Remi Wörtmeyer – choreographer & principal, Dutch National Ballet:

The tutu is the ultimate distancing tool. With its over size, it causes the dancers to come up with solutions in navigating pathways, passing and moving together. As the dancers navigate their way through the city they dance the dance we have all experienced when we are passing people in the street and trying to maintain the 1.5 meter distance.”


Concept and production: The Family Amsterdam

Director: Mathieu Gremillet

Choreography: Remi Wörtmeyer

Production: The Family Amsterdam and Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Director of Photography: Bas Goossens (Ministry of Frames)

Tutu design and creation: G-Star RAW

Tutu construction: Dutch National Opera & Ballet

Music supervision: Rogier van Twuijver (Modern Day Composers)

Music composed and arranged by: Joris Voorn, Boy Bianchi

Musicians Dutch Ballet Orchestra: Robert Cekov (viool), Jan-Eelco Prins (viool), Arwen Salama-Van der Burg (viola), Artur Trajko (cello)

Dancers Dutch National Ballet: Kira Hilli (main), Manu Kumar (main), Sebia Plantefève, Giovanni Princic, Daniel Silva, Tess Sturmann, Elisabeth Tonev, Conor Walmsley

Edit: The Compound