Anna Markard
Foto: Ulrich von Born

Anna Markard

Stager of ballets by Kurt Jooss

Anna Markard (1931-2010) was born in Germany, as the eldest daughter of choreographer Kurt Jooss. In 1933 she emigrated to England with her family, where she later studied dance at the Jooss-Leeder School in London. She went on to study at the Folkwangschule in Essen and subsequently spent several years in Paris, studying classical ballet with Nora Kiss.

From 1971, after her career as a dancer and as a dance teacher in both the United States and Germany, Markard collaborated closely with her father Kurt Jooss. She became responsible for the staging and archiving of his choreographers, and thus becamer the custodian of Kurt Jooss’ artistic estate. She produced his repertoire with companies all over the world, gave lectures, demonstrations and workshop, as well as devoting much time to the building of the Jooss Archive.

Anna Markard was married to painter and designer Hermann Markard.