Anna Dohy
Photo: Csongor Keller

Anna Dohy

Set designer

Milena Sidorova's choreography Regnum (2022) marks the Hungarian artist Anna Dohy’s (1995) debut as a set designer. Apart from that, she works mainly as a game designer, translating feelings and information into a tangible interaction between a space and a player. Her goal is to create experiences that provide players with a personal space for learning and exploration, encouraging them to move, explore, conquer and collaborate.

Dohy grew up in Budapest. She studied contemporary art theory and curatorial studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design with a master’s degree in design management. After her graduation, she started working for theatres and museums, first as a writer of educational programmes and later as a production manager. Dohy also worked as a contemporary dance critic for six years, reflecting on hundreds of dance performances all over Europe. Her reviews were published in various newspapers and journals.

While working as a dance critic, she started sketching dancers’ movements and discovered her interest in visually interpreting the movement of bodies in space. This interest took shape in illustrations, 3D animations, programming and – ultimately – game design.

Dohy is currently working as a game designer for the content and media company Media.Monks, where she collaborates with innovative companies from all over the world on award-winning projects.