Aktas Erdogan
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Aktaş Erdoğan

Aktaş Erdoğan is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Istanbul. He studied classical and jazz guitar at the Conservatory of The Hague. Besides guitar he plays traditional instruments from the Middle East, including ney, kaval, duduk and oud. During his studies, he won the Best Dutch Guitar Prize at the Twenthe Guitar Festival and won the second edition of the Istanbul Classical Guitar Festival/Competition. His first solo classical guitar album Dreamers of Dream was released in 2015. He toured in India with CCO3 - Jazz Trio with which he collaborated with Martin van Hees and Nello Biasini. The trio played various concerts and festivals including Calcutta Jazz Festival and Hyderabad Jazz Festival. In addition to his stage performances, Erdoğan wrote the music for the film The Fall, written and directed by Mert Berdilek. Erdoğan was invited as a soloist to perform at the Euphony concert conducted by Ozan Iskender. The unique orchestra was a combination of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with selected Turkish virtuosos from around the world.

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