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Dutch National Opera

Dutch National Opera creates and performs dramatic musical art, focusing on quality, diversity and innovation. This is expressed by taking a fresh approach to the opera classics, rediscovering repertoire that has seldom been performed and creating brand-new operas. Come and be inspired in our theatre, where you will be given a warm welcome.

Behind the Scenes

From complete sets to costumes, and from special effects to wigs; practically everything is produced in our own workshops. Watch some behind-the-scenes videos here.

Who are working on wigs of Pique dame? What comes into play? You'll find out in this video.
See how the decor of Theatre of the World is built in Royal Theatre Carré.
How can you create rain and water effects on stage? You see it in this video!
A day at Dutch National Opera. A film by Lex Reitsma, made for the 50th anniversary of DNO
Take a look in our dye studio. Here, Rosalinda Lourens ensures that all opera costumes are exactly the right colours, precision is key!
Meet the people of Dutch National Opera & Ballet! In this video you can see more about the life and challenges of choir member Frank Engel.

Artistic Staff

The Dutch National Opera is the largest opera company in the Netherlands. These are the members of our artistic and musical staff. (Biographies will be available in English soon).


Dutch National Opera’s success is largely due to the Chorus of the Dutch National Opera, which numbers 60 singers. Let us introduce them to you.