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Dutch National Ballet presents

Transatlantic Holland Festival programme

This show was to been seen in June 2016


Duration 2:30

They live in New York, London, Berlin and Amsterdam, yet share the same passion: taking ballet in totally new directions on the basis of classical technique. In Transatlantic, Dutch National Ballet is bringing together four young ‘rebels of dance’ from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Justin Peck, George Williamson, David Dawson and Ernst Meisner will present in Transatlantic the state of the art of twenty-first-century ballet.

  • CRANE - George Williamson
  • Merge - Ernst Meisner
  • Overture - David Dawson
  • Year of the Rabbit - Justin Peck
  • Trailer - Transatlantic
    Curious about Overture by David Dawson? Take a look behind the scenes!
    Principal Remi Wörtmeyer shows you a part of the rehearsals of Justin Peck's Year of the Rabbit.
    Take a look behind the scenes at George Williamson's CRANE.
    Martin ten Kortenaar and Igone de Jongh show you a part of Merge, the new work by Ernst Meisner.

    Justin Peck

    Rising star Justin Peck is the new resident choreographer of New York City Ballet. Although he is only 27, he has already created over twenty works, in which he gives the art form ‘a shot of adrenalin’. Year of the Rabbit, to music by singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, has been highly acclaimed for its pure joy of dance. It is an ode to the power of imagination.

    George Williamson

    At the age of 22, the Brit George Williamson was nominated for a Benois de la Danse (Oscar of dance) in 2013 for his Firebird. Williamson’s highly individual style was already seen last year in Dawn Dances, which he created for the Junior Company. It is a wonderful ensemble piece, in which he also lets each individual dancer shine. The ballet was such a success that Williamson has created  a new work for Transatlantic: CRANE.

    Ernst Meisner

    The third work in Transatlantic is the world premiere of Merge by the Dutchman Ernst Meisner. In 2013, he exchanged his career as dancer with Dutch National Ballet for the job of artistic coordinator of the Junior Company. Meisner has also demonstrated his exceptional talent as a choreographer, for example in the ballet Axiom of choice, presented in the 2014-2015 season in the programme Back to Bach.

    David Dawson

    Overture, created by David Dawson in 2013 for Dutch National Ballet, was nominated for the ‘Zwaan’ award for Most Impressive Dance Production. The dazzling ballet lets eighteen dancers excel in graceful, powerful and virtuoso dancing. However, it also has a vulnerable side to it. Just as in T.S. Eliot’s poem The Four Quartets – Dawson’s source of inspiration – it zooms in on emotions of suffering and love.


    Year of the Rabbit - Justin Peck
    Sufjan Stevens - Enjoy Your Rabbit
    In een arrangement voor strijkorkesr van Michael P. Atkinson

    CRANE - George Williamson
    Donnacha Dennehy – Crane

    Merge - Ernst Meisner
    Lowell Liebermann - Gargoyles, Opus 29

    Overture - David Dawson
    Szymon Brzóska - Overture



    subject to change

    Year of the Rabbit  

    22 and 23 June                                                                       

    Robbie        Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair                     

    Craig            Nathan Brhane

    Joaquin       Edo Wijnen

    Tiler             Nadia Yanowsky

    Tess             Kristina Lind

    Janie            Sasha Mukhamedov


    6 women     Laura Rosillo                                             6 men    Nathan Chaney

                         Antonina Tchirpanlieva                                           Remy Catalan

                         Clotilde Tran-Phat                                                    Clemens Fröhlich

                         Yuanyuan Zhang                                                      Oleksey Smolyakov

                         Michaela DePrince                                                   Dario Elia

                         Riho Sakamoto                                                         Chanquito van Hoeve

    25 and 26 June

    Robbie        Remi Wörtmeyer

    Craig            Jozef Varga

    Joaquin       Young Gyu Choi

    Tiler             Qian Liu

    Tess             Anna Tsygankova

    Janie            Erica Horwood


    6 women     Maria Chugai                                            6 men     Nathan Brhane

                         Wendeline Wijkstra                                                  Martin ten Kortenaar

                         Krista Ettlinger                                                           Wentao Li

                         Nadine Drouin                                                           Skyler Martin

                         Jingjing Mao                                                              Bastiaan Stoop

                         Saya Okubo                                                               Peter Leung



    22, 23, 25, 26 June

    4 women     Suzanna Kaic                   5 men       James Stout

                         Wen Ting Guan                                    Jared Wright

    (22 en 23 juni) Emanouela Merjanova

                         Aya Okumura                                       Sho Yamada (Chao Shi 26 June)

                         Jessica Xuan                                        Daniel Montero

                                                                                         Sem Sjouke


    23,25 and 26 June

    Igone de Jongh - Martin ten Kortenaar  

    22 June

    Anna Tsygankova – Artur Shesterikov                                             


    22, 25, 26 June

    Clara Superfine                          Jozef Varga
    Michaela DePrince                    Artur Shesterikov          
    Jingjing Mao                               Vito Mazzeo                
    Sasha Mukhamedov                 James Stout                
    Suzanna Kaic                             Edo Wijnen
    Yuanyuan Zhang                       Sebastien Galtier        
    Nadia Yanowsky                        Young Gyu Choi        
    Aya Okumura                              Jared Wright                
    Riho Sakamoto                           Clemens Fröhlich

    23 June

    Clara Superfine                          Jozef Varga
    Michaela DePrince                    Matthew Pawlicki        
    Jingjing Mao                               Sébastien Galtier        
    Riho Sakamoto                           Skyler Martin                
    Naira Agvanean                         Edo Wijnen
    Yuanyuan Zhang                      Dario Elia                      
    Clotilde Tran-Phat                      Sem Sjouke                  
    Nadine Drouin                            Daniel Montero Real  
    Saya Okubo                                Clemens Fröhlich



    Dutch Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Rowe

    Ryoko Kondo, piano (Merge)

    Barbara Drążkowska, piano (Overture)

    Dutch Ballet Orchestra

    This year, Dutch Ballet Orchestra is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1965, the orchestra has been proud to accompany Dutch National Ballet and Nederlands Dans Theater as a regular partner.

    Through Dutch Ballet Orchestra, music and dance come together to form a wonderful experience: from classical ballet to modern dance, and from music education to talent development.

    The working method is unique in the Netherlands. Dutch Ballet Orchestra, with Matthew Rowe as principal conductor, consists of a regular core of 45 musicians, supported where necessary by highly qualified guest performers. This gives the orchestra a unique character: incredibly flexible, dynamic and high-quality.

    Dutch Ballet Orchestra is an orchestra with a mission, to achieve the ultimate synergy between dance and music.


    For the evening performances of Transatlantic, on Friday 17, Wednesday 22, Thursday 23 and Saturday 25 June, we will be opening a special cocktail bar in Dutch National Opera & Ballet! Enjoy delicious gin and tonics with a special balletic twist. The bar, situated in the centre of the stalls level foyer, is open before the performance and in the interval.

    This performance is supported by:

      Fri 18 Sep The New York Times - Year of the Rabbit - Peck

      It was a triumph not just for Mr. Peck but also for the New York City Ballet (...). The audience responded with ovation after ovation. I'm sure I wasn't the only person who wished the whole 30-minute dance could have been encored immediately.