Isaac Hernández naar ENB

Isaac Hernández, sinds 2013 als eerste solist in dienst bij Het Nationale Ballet, gaat het gezelschap verlaten om te gaan gasteren bij English National Ballet.

‘Joining Dutch National Ballet has really changed my life. I feel very lucky to have been given such wonderful opportunities. I’m grateful for the trust placed in me and consider this company one of the best experiences I've had as a professional dancer. The audience have received me with open arms, and every time I went on stage I gave them my all. Their appreciation has meant a lot to me because it always encouraged me to be better; better for them and better for myself, but most importantly I felt that together with my coach, partners and the staff, we were taking ballet forward and it was a great feeling to be part of that. It’s with great sadness that I leave a home, but the feeling that made me leave behind my country and my family is now prompting me to leave the company. I’ve always encouraged people to live a life worth remembering, to pursue their dreams and to make them reality, and I want to stay true to that. I understand the limitation that time imposes on a dancer’s career and I want to take every opportunity I have to continue to explore, because that’s the only way to discover things’.

De Mexicaan geldt internationaal als een grote belofte. In 2008 werd hij aangenomen bij het San Francisco Ballet, waar hij in 2010 tot tweede solist werd benoemd. Hij danst met ingang van het seizoen 2012-2013 bij Het Nationale Ballet, toen hij danste in The Sleeping Beauty.

Hernández sleepte goud in de wacht op de USA International Ballet Competition 2008, brons en een speciale vermelding op de Internationale Balletcompetitie in Moskou in 2005 en een eerste plaats op de Internationale Balletcompetitie in Cuba in 2004.