Some fans of opera would like to show their appreciation of Dutch National Opera with more structural support, without receiving anything in return. One option would be to make a donation as a special gift in someone’s honour, or in memory of a loved one who had a special bond with opera. You decide for yourself just how much and how often you’d like to give, and we arrange the rest.

One-time gift

If you would like to make a one-time or incidental donation to Dutch National Opera, you may use your donation to reduce your yearly income for tax purposes.  One of the basic principles of the charitable deduction regulation is the so-called total joint income. Gifts may be deducted if together they amount to more than €60 and total more than 1% of the total joint income.  You may deduct 10% of your total joint income. Several donations to various Public Benefit Organisations (Dutch ANBI) may be added together during one calendar year.  It’s important to be able to provide written receipts for all these donations.  The fiscal multiplier from the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act also applies to one-time gifts to cultural institutions.

Example (based on a donation of €1.000)

Total joint income is €50.000, tax bracket 42%

For the calculation of the deduction 125% of your donation is used = €1.250

The deduction minimum of 1% on total joint income = €500

Deductible amount is €1.250 - €500 = €750

The maximum size of deductions is 10% of your total joint income = €5.000, plus the extra deduction of 25% for your donation (€250) = €5.250

The donation falls within the minimum and the maximum allowable.  The donor has the benefit in this case of a tax advantage:

* The income is taxed at a rate of 42%. The tax return is 42% x €750 = €315

* The net costs of the donation (€1.000 - €315 =) €685

You can find more information about the requirements and conditions on the website of the Dutch tax department.

We are extremely happy with one-time donations, if that is what you prefer. Make your donation to:

Stichting Nationale Opera & Ballet
NL36ABNA 0 440 440 440
mention donation Dutch National Opera

Continuing donations

You can also show your support for Dutch National Opera in a more structural way, with a regular quarterly or yearly donation.  Of course, how much you give and how often is a very personal decision.  For more information please read the information under fixed-term charitable gift.

If you have any further questions, or would like more information, please contact Roos Bernelot Moens at 020 551 8102 or via email: