Giving Circles

Why not – symbolically – join the ranks of the Netherland’s leading ballet company? By joining one of the Giving Circles you can take part in helping to shape the direction and future of Dutch National Ballet. You don’t even need to be very limber; all you need is a love of ballet and a sense of philanthropic commitment.

Giving Circles investing in the future
The Giving Circles are named after the three ranks within the company: principal, coryphée and corps de ballet. Each circle consists of a group of ballet lovers who provide substantial support to the company over a longer period of time. The higher the contribution, the higher the rank, and the more you get in return. Together, the members of the Giving Circles make special artistic projects and educational programmes possible.  This is the perfect chance to join the ranks of Dutch National Ballet and to play a leading role in continuing to present wonderful ballets of the highest quality.

You become a member of one of the Giving Circles by making an annual donation for a minimum period of five consecutive years. If you decide to make a so-called fixed-term charitable donation you may be entitles to an additional 65% tax credit.

Principals donate € 10.000 a year and up
Coryphées donate between € 5.000 and € 10.000 a year
Corps de Ballet members donate between € 1.000 and € 5.000 a year

Personal relationship
As a member, you will not only enjoy exclusive benefits, you will also develop a personal relationship with the company and be invited to premiere parties, an annual dinner with the dancers and managing directors, and even enjoy the possibility of celebrating your special occasions with friends and family behind the scenes at Dutch National Ballet. We will invite you to be directly involved with the company, to share your ideas about artistic and commercial developments with other donors and the company’s managing directors.  In this way we hope to make your experience of Dutch National Ballet even more unique. Above all, you become an important part of our collective dance history.

All the various benefits associated with the different Giving Circles are listed below.
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For more information
For more information about the Giving Circles, their associated benefits and financial advantages, please contact Nadja van Deursen, our manager of private fundraising, at 020 551 8218

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