Estate giving

From time to time in the course of your life, you face questions relating to your personal values and things that touch you deeply. Often you don’t stop to think about it: you just follow your heart. But there are moments when you start to consider these issues more carefully. Making a will is just such a moment.

For many people it’s a beautiful idea to think of ballet remaining a relevant art form for generations to come. By including Dutch National Ballet in your will, you can help make that possible.

Why not consider naming Dutch National Ballet as a beneficiary to your estate? That means that you give Dutch National Ballet, together with your other beneficiaries, rights to your entire estate.  Your estate is then divided amongst your beneficiaries according to the wishes specified in your will.

You can also include Dutch National Ballet in your will by leaving a fixed amount or a piece of real estate to Dutch National Ballet.

Exemption from inheritance tax
When you leave someone money, they have to pay inheritance tax. That’s not the case for money left to Dutch National Ballet, because Dutch National Ballet, as a public benefit organization (or Dutch ANBI) is exempt from paying inheritance tax. Every euro of your contribution goes directly to support the company. That’s why it's really worthwhile to take a moment right now to insure the continuation of your support to dance.

For more information:
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