The rank of Coryphée is made up of a select group of talented dancers who from time to time take on the larger roles. With an annual gift of between € 5.000 and € 10.000 for a minimum period of five years, you will become a member of the Coryphées of the Giving Circles.

Benefits for Coryphées

You will receive all the privileges available to member of the Corps de Ballet, plus:

  • An exclusive cloakroom service
  • An invitation for two to a special annual reception related to a performance, exclusively for Coryphées and Principals
  • An annual managing directors’ lunch where the plans for the coming season are announced and clarified.  This again is exclusively for Coryphées and Principals.
  • The opportunity to invite a maximum of 15 friends once a year to take a unique look behind the scenes of Dutch National Ballet
  • The opportunity, with the cooperation of the dancers, to organise a birthday party for you children or grandchildren behind the scenes of Dutch National Ballet
  • The opportunity to organise an event at your home with the cooperation of artistic staff and dancers of Dutch National Ballet