Commemorative fund

For those who would like to make a substantial donation to Dutch National Ballet and get more personally involved in the decision-making process of how their funds are allocated, establishing a commemorative fund can present an interesting possibility.

Personal aims

You could even describe a commemorative fund as your very own charity within Dutch National Ballet. You establish your own commemorative fund with aims that fit in with those of Dutch National Ballet, for example the creation of a new ballet or the restoration of costumes.  You can set the fund up during your lifetime, or arrange in your will for the fund to carry out your wishes after you're gone.  The Dutch National Ballet will insure that the funds will be used for your chosen aim, either in instalments or all at one time.  You are free to choose a name for the fund.  That can be a descriptive name, such as ‘the costume fund’, or you may give the fund your own name, or that of a loved one.  Your own fund makes a significant contribution to what is important to both yourself and Dutch National Ballet.  In addition to an intimate connection with the company, you will receive a handsome tax advantage.


You develop a commemorative fund over a minimum period of five years by donating an annual amount of €10.000 or more.  Through the Gift and Inheritance Tax Act, you may raise this amount on your tax return by a maximum of €1.250 per year, so you may increase the amount of your deduction to €11.250.  Depending on your tax bracket, you receive a tax credit of 52%. The net annual cost of your donation is then just €4.150 a year.

Of course it is also possible to donate an amount to a commemorative fund as a one-time contribution; there as well, you will receive a tax advantage.

For more information:

If you have any further question, or would like more information, please contact us directly.  We are happy to assist you.  Please call Nadja van Deursen, our manager of private fund raising, 020 551 8218 or send an email to