Make opera your own

Dutch National Opera

Senior secondary/pre-university education

Project duration: approximately 15 weeks, minimum of 2.5 hours per week

Cost: €30 per pupil, including workshops and performance attendance

In just four months, your pupils will make their own condensed version of an opera at school. They will be coached by a team of professionals, assembled by Dutch National Opera, including a composer, a director and a scenographer. The pupils will create their own version of the original opera, not only by performing and singing, but by designing their own costumes, scenery and props.

The final result will then be presented not only at school, but also in one of the studios of National Opera & Ballet. The project concludes with the students attending a performance of Dutch National Opera’s own staging of the original.

This season, you can choose from two operas:

Lucia Lammermoor

Please note: Make opera your own is an intensive project. It requires sufficient support from the school in order to succeed. There must be a responsible spokesperson in attendance at all rehearsals, and we expect assistance from teachers in related subjects such as visual arts; enough facilities must be made available.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.