Backstage guided tours

How is scenery changed so quickly? How many people work at National Opera & Ballet? Where are the costumes stored after a production ends?  What does a day in the life of a dancer look like? How are wigs made?

Pupils will receive answers to these questions and many others during a guided tour through National Opera & Ballet. In addition to being a theatre where opera, ballet, music theatre and modern dance performances take place, National Opera & Ballet is also a production house. All the costumes, props, and scenery for the various performances are made in-house.
During the guided tour, the pupils will see the auditorium where people are working around the clock. They will also see the ballet studios where the dancers rehearse. They will be allowed into the backstage area with its many technical facilities including lighting, stage lifts, and floors that float on a cushion of air. They’ll also walk along the costume workshop of Dutch National Opera. There is so much to see that a guided tour has something to offer each and every pupil, at every age and level.

Duration:  1 hour

Cost: €60 per group of 15 pupils

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