The Little Mermaid

An opera workshop for groups ranging from 1-2 or 3 up to 5-6 through 8

Project dates: by appointment

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: €5 per pupil

Size of group: 20 to 25 pupils

The moon is full. All the water nymphs are dancing beside the lake, except Rusalka. She sits off to one side, sadly pining away because she is madly in love with a handsome prince. She would love to be a human being, so that she could conquer his heart. Maybe Jezibaba the witch can help? This evil witch turns Rusalka into a beautiful girl, but takes away her voice and puts a curse on her. How can Rusalka make the prince fall in love with her like this?

The pupils make their own version of Dvořák’s opera Rusalka. The story is similar to the well-known fairy tale of the littlest mermaid. All aspects of opera will be covered: acting, singing, directing and the making of scenery and costumes. The pupils will play a dying prince, and sing a lovely moon song. They will dance like water nymphs and use their bodies as percussion instruments.

The workshop is exciting and surprising, but each child is able to participate in his or her own way. There are three versions, one for preschool, one for the lower and one for the upper grades. The workshop takes place in National Opera & Ballet, but by mutual agreement can also take place at schools.

The workshop will be given by a workshop instructor together with a pianist who will present fragments from famous operas. Everything that’s learned during the workshop will be reviewed during a short final presentation.