School groups

We have programmes for students of different ages and levels of experience.

Every day, there is a lot of activity at National Opera & Ballet, both on and off the stage. We are pleased to open our doors to school groups, so they can experience this excitement at close range.

For all the performances of the two house companies (Dutch National Opera and Dutch National Ballet) almost everything is made in-house. From decors and costumes to wigs and special effects.

Singers, dancers and musicians have rehearsals every day for their performances. The choreographies are rehearsed step by step; with the opera, it's note for note, word for word and gesture for gesture. First, all the sections are practiced separately, until they are ready to finally come together: dancers and orchestra, chorus and soloists, scenery, costumes and lighting.

We gladly open our theatre to teachers and their pupils, so that they too can experience the magic of National Opera & Ballet and feel for themselves what it’s like to be swept away by a moving story or a beautiful dance.

Under the guidance of professional instructors, the students gain first-hand experience with singing or dancing. In this way they experience directly what’s involved in being a professional singer or dancer, and that can help increase their enjoyment of the performance.

More information about the workshops, performances, and projects for schools can be found here, according to the level of education. If you’d like more information, or you want to discuss the suitability of a particular project for your pupils, please contact us directly at 020 551 8307 or at

Have you looked at the possibilities and already made your choice?  Please send us your request, by making use of the application form on this site. We very much look forward to welcoming you and your pupils in our theatre.

Please note: If your school is in Amsterdam, you may make use of the ‘Culture bus’ to facilitate your visit to National Opera & Ballet, as long as the visit is associated with a theme of study from the Basic packet chosen by your school.  For more information about the ‘Culture bus’, please visit

For more information, questions or applications, please contact the department of Education and Participation:  020 551 8307 or