Marcel Sijm

Stage director

Marcel Sijm creates music theatre in all its different manifestations, not shying away from mixing different styles. In opera he has a predilection for the new repertoire and contemporary adaptations of the old.

Besides opera Sijm has a lot of experience in other forms of music theatre, jazz and light music and he knows how to make performances for very different audiences in collaboration with writers and composers. His performances have a great focus on design. They are imaginative and extreme. For Dutch National Opera Sijm previously made Legend by Peter-Jan Wagemakers, Kopernikus by Claude Vivier, Ramble to Reims (a youth arrangement of Rossini's Il Viaggio a Reims), and Little Dog's Heart to Bulgakov's novella with the composers Florian Meijer and Oene van Geel. He has a great love for modern art and makes vocal installations for the Stedelijk Museum and Museum Ludwig in Cologne, among others.

DNO productions: Legend, Kopernikus, Ramble to Reims, Little Dog's Heart