Dutch National Opera presents

Goud! LEONARD EVERS (1985)

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Duration 00:45

By Leonard Evers

Language Dutch

Due to the newly tightened corona measures, we are sorry to inform you that we are forced to postpone all performances of Goud!. We will contact you as soon as the new data are decided. You can find more information here.


A percussionist and a singer play and sing the story of a magical wish-fish that can make all your wishes come true. Goud! is infectious music theater for our younger audiences about wishing for lots, getting it all, and it still not being enough.

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Your safety is our priority. We have made some adjustments in order to ensure that it is always possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres in our theatre. 

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The story

Jacob lives with his mother and father near the sea, in a hole under an old tree. One day he catches a very special fish .The fish looks at him with its dark eyes and begs: ‘Throw me back, let me live, and I’ll grant your every wish!’ Jacob’s parents know just what they’d like. A warm blanket for nighttime. A real bed. A house. They get everything they ask for, but they’re not really happy. Jacob has to keep returning to the sea with new wishes. But doesn’t the fish look a little bit weaker with every visit? And why does the sea start churning ever more wildly?


Photo: Tonnie van Gessel
Photo: Tonnie van Gessel
Photo: Tonnie van Gessel
Photo: Tonnie van Gessel


New Dutch production after European success

Composer Leonard Evers and librettist Flora Verbrugge wrote Goud! (‘Gold!’) in 2012 for Theater Sonnevanck. The youth opera became an international hit, with various opera houses in Europe adding it to their repertory. Sophie de Lint, director of Dutch National Opera, got to know the work during her time as artistic director of Opernhaus Zürich. She came to Amsterdam with the wish to put on Goud! here too. And now the opera returns to the Netherlands, in this brand-new production.

Co-production with Opera Zuid

Leonard Evers also wrote the toddler opera Kriebel for Dutch National Opera, which - after last season's sold-out performances - can be seen in our theatre in October 2020.


    Thu 01 Oct Der Tagesspiegel

    It is a lovable piece - Leonard Evers' composition with its focus on marimba and voice joins the word and the narrative (...) sometimes you even have the impression of a wonderful audio book, which happens to be on display.

    Thu 01 Oct Berliner Morgenpost

    A small, precious piece of musical theater. With a line-up of a mezzo-soprano and a percussionist, it takes you to the world of fantasy.

    Thu 01 Oct Westdeutsche Zeitung

    This one-hour piece is an absolute recommendation for everyone who is cautiously approaching the world of musical theater for the first time and prefers fairytale-like material with a socially critical foundation.

Team, Cast and Chorus

Libretto and text
Flora Verbrugge
Composition and musical rehearsal
Leonard Evers
Stage director
Kenza Karin Koutchoukali
Wout van Tongeren
Amber Vandenhoeck
Leo van den Boorn
Cor van den Brink
Percussion and playing
Jennifer Heins and/or Laura Trompetter
Singing and playing
Vera Fiselier and/or Nienke Nasserian