Dutch National Opera presents

Oedipe George Enescu (1881-1955)

This show was to been seen in December 2018

a spectacular mythe

Duration 3:00

Breaks 1

By George Enescu

Language French

Surtitles Dutch and English

George Enescu’s masterpiece Oedipe is already a musical tour de force, but in the hands of director Àlex Ollé it boasts a visual staging that is equally spectacular!

The Greek myth of King Oedipus as told by the tragic poet Sophocles remains as powerful today as when it was originally written. The story of Oedipus, who unwittingly kills his father Laius and marries his mother Jocaste is ultimately a tale about man’s utter vulnerability, the inescapability of fate, and identity and blame.

Tirésias’ prophecy

At Oedipus’ birth the clairvoyant Tirésias foretells that he will murder his father and marry his mother. Though Oedipus attempts to escape the curse on his family and himself, in a terrible sequence of events the prophecy is fulfilled. After making this horrific discovery, King Oedipus wanders in exile for years with his daughter Antigone, wishing himself blind. In George Enescu’s version of the tale, Oedipus finally dies in peace in a sacred grove outside Athens.


Enescu’s engaging music

The French opera Oedipe is one of the few theatrical works that tells the entire life story of its title character. The ending of George Enescu’s work is gentler than in other versions of the myth and the music is highly engaging. With snatches of Romanian folk music, Enescu evokes a pastoral mood that contrasts with the ominous sounds of the percussion, symbolising fate.

Spectacular staging by Alex Ollé

This original production of La Monnaie/De Munt, Brussel 2010, was mounted in a spectacular presentation by Alex Ollé of La Fura dels Baus (Faust and Il trovatore). Oedipe is sung by Johan Reuter (Dr Schön in Lulu), and Jocaste by Sophie Koch in her long-awaited DNO debut. Violeta Urmana returns to DNO as La Sphinge (Kundry in Parsifal, Amneris in Aida and Azucena in Il trovatore). The Chorus of the Dutch National Opera also features prominently.

Marc Albrecht

Marc Albrecht, chief conductor at Dutch National Opera and the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra | Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, feels a deep resonance with music from the first half of the twentieth century, such as Enescu’s Oedipe. Last season he conducted DNO’s Eine florentinische Tragödie|Gianni Schicchi, Tristan und Isolde and Gurre-Lieder to widespread acclaim.


Along with the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra has been the regular orchestra partner of Dutch National Opera since 1985, and is internationally regarded as one of the best opera orchestras. Each season, the two orchestras perform the majority of the opera productions in Dutch National Opera & Ballet. The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra gives a varied programme of concerts in the Concertgebouw and also performs at other major concert halls and festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Marc Albrecht is the principal conductor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra|Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and of Dutch National Opera. In recent seasons, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra has had great success with audiences and international press alike, with productions including Gurre-Lieder, Lohengrin, Der Rosenkavalier, Il Trovatore and Hänsel und Gretel. The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Marc Albrecht, received an Edison for their recording of the DNO production Der Schatzgräber, in December 2014.

Marc Albrecht

Former chief conductor

Marc Albrecht, who was chief conductor of Dutch National Opera and the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra| Netherlands Chamber Orchestra from 2009 until 2020, is known not only for his interpretations of works by Wagner and Richard Strauss, but also for his affinity for contemporary music.

Àlex Ollé

stage director

ÀLEX OLLÉ (stage director) is one of the six artistic directors of the renowned directors’ collective La Fura dels Baus, founded in 1979.

Valentina Carrasco

Stage director

VALENTINA CARRASCO (directing) studied music, dance and literature in her hometown Buenos Aires. She has been a member of the La Fura dels Baus collective since 2000.

Team, Cast and Chorus

Marc Albrecht
Stage Director
Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus)
Valentina Carrasco
Set Designer
Alfons Flores
Costume Designer
Lluc Castells
Lighting Designer
Peter van Praet
Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Dutch National Opera Chorus
Chorus Master
Ching-Lien Wu
Children's Chorus
Nieuw Amsterdams Kinderkoor
Chorus Master of the Children's Chorus
Eline Welle
Johan Reuter
Eric Halfvarson
Christopher Purves
Le Berger
Alan Oke
Le Grand-Prêtre
François Lis
James Creswell
Le Veilleur
Ante Jerkunica
André Morsch
Mark Omvlee
Sophie Koch
La Sphinge
Violeta Urmana
Heidi Stober
Catherine Wyn-Rogers
Une Thébaine
Polly Leech - De Nationale Opera Studio
    Tue 06 Feb The Times, 2017 ****

    ‘The Romanian virtuoso’s only opera, nurtured over nearly 30 years before its 1936 premiere in Paris, builds over four acts into an epic of glowering power.’

    Tue 06 Feb The Guardian, 2017

    ‘The London Philharmonic opened its new season with Oedipe, George Enescu’s only opera, first heard in Paris in 1936. (…) many considered it a lost masterpiece.’

    Tue 27 Nov Independent Oedipe 2016 *****

    'And what a masterpiece it is. Designed by Spanish-Catalan Alfons Flores and directed by Àlex Ollé, it opens with a tableau of 20 panels of sepia draped figures recalling a cathedral frontage where the Thebans celebrate the birth of a son to King Laïos and Queen Jocaste (...), interrupted by the blind prophet Tirésias who predicts he will kill his father and marry his mother.'

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Mon 19 November Oedipe

Start: 20.30 (doors open 20.00)
Location: Odeonzaal
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: € 10, € 7,50 (Vrienden), € 5 (students)

Free for Donors, Geefkringleden of Dutch National Ballet and Patterns of Dutch National Opera & Ballet.