Dutch National Opera presents

Avventure di anima e di corpo György Ligeti en Raphaël Cendo

This show was to been seen in March 2018

Please note! This performance is in Casco Amsterdam

Avventure di anima e di corpo

Duration 1:15

By György Ligeti en Raphaël Cendo

Surtitles none

Flee with us to the labyrinth of the Minotaur, where there are no borders between man and beast, body and mind, and opera singers and instrumentalists.


Avventure di anima e di corpo is a triptych of physical opera performances, filled with music, dance and physical drama, in a fantasy language. The central section is formed by the experimental mini operas Aventures and Nouvelles aventures by Györgi Ligeti. For the two flanking wings of the triptych, composer Raphaël Cendo took inspiration from Ligeti’s bravura. In this work, Ligeti wanted to create a whole new reality, in the aftershock of World War II and the Communist oppression. There is no storyline with dramatic characters, but rather acrobatic music that demands the ultimate of every performer. Ligeti embarked on a radical adventure: a revolutionary attack on the bastion of the opera tradition. Cendo writes for the same performers, but adds electronics. As a contemporary enfant terrible, he once again turns the opera genre upside down.


György Ligeti was a key figure of the European avant-garde. He wrote serial music and experimented with micropolyphony. He also wrote a lot of music for films, including Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut. Raphaël Cendo has a weakness for unorthodox sounds and intense volumes. Nina Spijkers graduated from the Directors’ Course at the Academy of Theatre and Arts, in Amsterdam, in 2014. She is a very talented director, and is associated with Toneelschuur, in Haarlem, as a young maker.

Opera Forward Festival

Avventure di anima e di corpo is part of the programme of the Opera Forward Festival. This festival explores the future of opera by presenting leading new work.  See the complete programme.

Nina Spijkers

Stage Director

NINA SPIJKERS (director) graduated in 2014 from the Directors’ Course at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. In February 2015, she won the Top Naeff Prize, an incentive award for promising Theatre Academy graduates.

Francine Vis

Musical Director

FRANCINE VIS (musical director and performer) trained as a mezzo-soprano at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Royal Danish Opera Academy.


Artistic Director

ROMAIN BISCHOFF (artistic director of Silbersee) is the artistic director and musical dramaturge of Silbersee.

Team, Cast and Chorus

Francine Vis
Stage Director
Nina Spijkers
Set Designer
Ruben Wijnstok
Costume Designers
Ingo Steinberger
Lars Wilhausen
Lighting Designer
Julian Maiwald
Lisa De Boos
Noé Rodrigo Gisbert
Jussi Lehtipuu
André Lourenço
Els Mondelaers
Felix Peijnenborgh
Michael Schmid
Maciej Straburzynski
Viktoriia Vitrenko

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Silbersee, artistiek leider Romain Bischoff