Dutch National Ballet is praised by Critic's Choice

This year’s list of the Critic's Choice, from the leading dance magazine Dance Europe, has been published. Once again, Dutch National Ballet scores high with a total of twenty honourable mentions. One more than in 2016 when the company received nineteen entries.

Critic's Choice 2017 states:

* Dutch National Ballet as 'Company of the Year'.
* Anna Tsygankova & Anna Ol in the category 'Best dancer 2017'.
* Ted Brandsen 2 times as 'Director 2017'.
* 8 dancers for their 'Excellent performance'.
* 3 times  ‘Best Corps de Ballet 2017’
* Praise for choreography and performance of Citizen Nowhere (choreography David Dawson)

Dutch National Ballet will again receive a mention as 'Company of the Year' for the 2016-2017 theatre season. First soloists Anna Tsygankova and Anna Ol are both listed in the category 'Best Dancer of the Year'. The jury on Anna Ol: "Sublime, seemingly effortless mastery of the technique, heart-warming appearance". Director Ted Brandsen gets mentioned twice in the category 'Best Director of the Year' and the Corps de Ballet of Dutch National Ballet received three entries in the category 'Best Corps de Ballet of the Year'.

In the categories 'Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer' and 'Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer', there are references for first soloists Igone de Jongh, Daniel Camargo, Remi Wortmeyer, Artur Shesterikov and Anna Ol. Second soloist Edo Wijnen and coryphee Joseph Massarelli both are honoured for their performance in the Citizen Nowhere ballet by Associate Artist David Dawson from the programme Made in Amsterdam. Citizen Nowhere also received two entries in the category 'Best premiere'. For his role in this ballet, Edo Wijnen has already received the Dutch Swan nomination for his most impressive dance performance in 2017. Furthermore, there are references for coryphee Sho Yamada in the category 'New name to watch' and for the ballet 8 Preludes by Ton Simons, created for the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet, in the category 'Best premiere'.

The Critic's Choice 2017 was compiled by a 15-member jury of editors who write for Dance Europe and other international (dance) publications. Each jury member compiled a personal list of the best dancer of the season, dancers who have performed outstandingly well, the best company of the season, the best director of the season, the best corps de ballet of the year and the best new productions of the past dance season.

Photo: Edo Wines in Citizen Nowhere (Hans Gerritsen)