Hello and goodbye at Dutch National Ballet

As every year, the summer months have seen changes in the ranks of Dutch National Ballet and the Junior Company.
This season, the company comprises 75 dancers – 41 women and 34 men. The Junior Company has 12 dancers – 6 women and 6 men.


We have said goodbye to corps de ballet members Nathan Chaney and Wen Ting Guan. And Hannah Williams, Nika Afonina and Theo Duff-Grant have left the Junior Company.

New faces

A new face in the corps de ballet is the Brazilian dancer Luiza Bertho.
We welcome eight new 1st-years to the Junior Company: Inés Marroquin, Alexandria Marx, Madison Ayton, Emma Zoe Harris, Yuka Masumoto, Conor Walmsley, Michele Esposito and Manu Kumar.


The following dancers have been promoted: Floortje Eimers - grand sujet, Jingjing Mao - grand sujet, Martin ten Kortenaar - grand sujet, Riho Sakamoto – coryphée, Joseph Massarelli - coryphée, Clara Superfine - corps de ballet, Thomas van Damme - corps de ballet, Giovanni Princic - corps de ballet and Daniel Robert Silva - corps de ballet.

From the Junior Company, we welcome the following dancers to the main company as élèves: Melissa Chapski, Priscylla Gallo, Salome Leverashvili, Timothy van Poucke and Rafael Valdez.

The following dancers are moving up from their 1st to their 2nd year with the Junior Company: Khayla Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Landon and Fabio Rinieri. Satchel Tanner is dancing an extra season as a 2nd-year with the Junior Company.

Photo: The Junior Company, photographed by Altin Kaftira