At Dutch National Ballet, in Amsterdam, on Friday 16 December 2017, Terre des Hommes presented their new ambassador: Daniel Montero Real. Daniel, a dancer with Dutch National Ballet, will be helping to raise awareness of Terre des Hommes, a children’s rights organisation and expert in exploitation situations. He was deeply moved by the Sweetie project and its impact. The virtual ten-year-old Filipino girl Sweetie exposed a thousand perpetrators of webcam sex with children. Terre des Hommes thus addresses the problem from the side of the perpetrator using a fake profile. The gravity of the problem made such a big impression on the dancer that he wanted to help the children’s rights organisation.

Daniel Montero Real wants to use his dance talent and reputation as a Dutch National Ballet dancer to support the work of Terre des Hommes. His wish is to be able to dance with children, so that they find a way to express themselves and deal with their traumas. Daniel says, “As a child, I came up against obstacles, but no walls. I’ve fulfilled my dreams, because I had the possibility to do so. I would like every child in the world to have dreams and the possibility of making them come true. I want them to live in a world with the possibility of opportunities”.

Ted Brandsen, director of Dutch National Ballet, is proud that one of his dancers is going to help children who are exploited. Brandsen says, “I’m happy that Daniel is taking the responsibility of stepping outside his bubble. At Dutch National Ballet, we always say: The world is bigger than just the stage. Dance brings joy, but we are right in the midst of society. Daniel is 22 and he is standing up for young people. He has a message of hope and opportunity in a world where many children do not have that. And we think it’s great that he is doing this on his own initiative”.

Sander Hanenberg, marketing manager at Terre des Hommes is also delighted: “In Daniel, we have gained a strong ambassador who is building a bridge to the world of dance and can hopefully work with children through this art form in the future”.

Daniel Montero Real, short biography
Daniel Montero Real (Santander, Spain) started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of nine and took his first ballet class when he was eleven. He left his family at the age of fifteen to study at the Royal Conservatoire of Madrid, followed by three years at the National Ballet Academy, in Amsterdam. In September 2013, Daniel joined Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company, the company for talented young dancers. One year later, he joined Dutch National Ballet in the rank of élève and was promoted to the corps de ballet in 2015.

Photo: Oscar Timmers