Elena Pankratova and Alexandra Petersamer will replace Petra Lang on the 9th of december

We regret to inform you Petra Lang, who is singing the role of Kundry, cannot perform tonight that due to illness. We are most grateful to the sopranos Alexandra Petersamer (first act) and Elena Pankratova (second and third act) who will sing the role of Kundry. Astrid van den Akker will act the role of Kundry.

We are forced to delay the start of the performance 30 minutes:

  • Performance start ± 18:00
  • End of performance ± 23:00
  • Intermissions at ± 19:40 and ± 21:15
  • Start introduction (Dutch) - 17:15
  • Diner time - 16:15 (unchanged)

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences and hope for your understanding. We wish you a pleasant performance.