December: NPO’s opera month

TV broadcasting station NTR and the digital theme channel NPO Cultura traditionally take opera as their theme for the month of December. This year’s highlight is Dutch National Opera’s production of Richard Wagner’s opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, directed by Pierre Audi and conducted by Hartmut Haenchen.

Wagner called Der Ring ‘Ein Bühnenfestspiel für 3 Tage und einen Vorabend’.
So NPO Cultura will be showing Der Ring from Monday 8 to Friday 12 December, at 20.30 every evening.

Stephen Fry: Wagner & me
Monday 8 December, 20.30
The English actor Stephen Fry investigates his passion for one of the most controversial composers ever. Can he see the music he loves by Richard Wagner without associating it with Hitler?

Der Ring forged: Wagner at Dutch National Opera
Monday 8 December, 21.30
This reportage from 1999 shows De Nederlandse Opera (now Dutch National Opera) rehearsing and preparing for Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Das Rheingold
Tuesday 9 December, 20.30
The prologue to Der Ring outlines the plot for the three parts that follow. Set to compelling music, the short and powerful Das Rheingold tells an exciting tale of water nymphs, dwarves, gods, giants and the curse of the ring.

Die Walküre
Wednesday 10 December, 20.30
Wotan hopes for the help of his bastard son Siegmund, but he dies in combat. Wotan’s daughter, the Walküre Brünnhilde, tries to save Siegmund against Wotan’s orders.

Thursday 11 December, 20.30
Brünnhilde, who lies asleep on a rock surrounded by fire, can only be woken by a hero who knows no fear. Siegfried, Wotan’s grandson, has to kill the dragon Fafner, who possesses the ring. Only then will he be able to claim Brünnhilde as his wife.

Friday 12 December, 20.30
In Götterdämmerung, all the different threads of Der Ring come together. The gods come to grief. The love between Siegfried and Brünnhilde is brought to an end through cunning and guile, and the treachery costs Siegfried his life. Brünnhilde throws the ring into the Rhine and throws herself onto the funeral pyre to be reunited with her lover. The Rhine overflows its banks, cleansing the way to a new life.

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