Michaela DePrince, a dancer with the Dutch National Ballet, will be one of the speakers during TEDxAmsterdam 2014. The annual inspirational conference for thinkers and doers will take place on Friday, November 28th, 2014 at the City Theatre Amsterdam. The theme of the sixth edition of TEDxAmsterdam is Somewhere in Time.

Michaela DePrince
Michaela DePrince was born in 1995 in war-torn Sierra Leone. When her father was killed by rebels and her mother died of starvation, Michaela was placed in an orphanage. She suffers from the skin disease Vitiligo, and the white patches on her skin gave her the name of ‘devil’s child’. She was neglected and mistreated by the orphanage staff, and had to fight for her life.
When Michaela was adopted by an American couple more or less by chance, she had only one dream: ballet classes. Michaela turned out to be naturally gifted and she has danced her way to the top of the hard and prejudiced world of ballet.
In August 2013, Michaela joined the Dutch National Ballet’s brand-new Junior Company. Following a successful year, she joined the Dutch National Ballet in the rank of éleve in August 2014. Last October she published her autobiography Taking Flight.

Since 2009 TEDxAmsterdam annually organizes the Dutch edition of the famous inspirational conference in the United States. Thinkers, doers, and a large crowd are coming together with one goal: Ideas Worth Spreading. During the conference innovative thinkers give short presentations of up to 18 minutes, around a central theme. Since 2010 TEDxAmsterdam takes place in the City Theatre  Amsterdam. It is an invitation only event. On the same night there are viewing parties on several locations were the TEDxAmsterdam programme can be seen via HD livestream. Afterwards the presentations can be found on the website of TEDxAmsterdam.

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