Rink Sliphorst: Second Soloist

Dutch dancer Rink Sliphorst will be a second soloist at Dutch National Ballet as of September, which marks the beginning of the new theatre season. Sliphorst is the second Dutch male dancer to have acquired the rank of soloist with the company, after Boris de Leeuw in 1995. Ted Brandsen, director of Dutch National Ballet, promoted Sliphorst after a performance of The Tempest, a current DNB production by Krzysztof Pastor and Shirin Neshat.

Sliphorst (1984) joined the Dutch National Ballet in 2005. During his nine years with the company, he has risen from aspirant, élève, corps de ballet and coryphée to grand sujet in 2011, and to second soloist in the 2014-2015 season. He followed his training at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and the National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada.

In 2007 Sliphorst was awarded the Aanmoedigingsprijs by Stichting Dansersfonds ’79, which was founded by Han Ebbelaar and Alexandra Radius in celebration of their twentieth ballet anniversary in 1979. According to the panel, Sliphorst distinguishes himself with his eager, technical skill and lively stage presentation. In 2012 he danced at The Australian Ballet in Melbourne as part of an exchange project.

Biography Rink Sliphorst